Examples of Samurai Sharpen for Video

These are examples of a wide variety of video footage we’ve applied Samurai Sharpen for Video to, hopefully it’ll give you an idea of what it can do for your footage. This is not an exhaustive list of examples, it certainly works great on all types of footage, but we wanted to demonstrate how it enhances details and improves your footage. (some shots have been color corrected as well, which is not part of Samurai Sharpen)


Closeups of People

Talking heads or closeups of talent often need a bit of sharpening. However, it's tricky since you don't want to sharpen the skin areas. Samurai Sharpen for Video makes it easy to enhance the details you want: eyes and hair, without sharpening the skin. It does this with the edge-aware algorithms and other masking tools, identifying significant edges in the footage, and only sharpening those areas. You can also apply our Beauty Box plugin after Samurai if you need to use a little digital makeup.


Footage of the Environment

Landscapes are often somewhat soft, just due to the wide area and distance involved. Using the Samurai Sharpen plugin give your video footage just the right amount of 'pop', enhancing the detail, whether it's small details like leaves or more of an overall contrast adjustment. It's a great way to make your footage stand out, whether it's HD or 4K!


Noisy Video Footage

One of the key features in Samurai Sharpen for Video is the Built-in Mask section. This allows you to protect noisy areas or highlight areas from being sharpened. Dark areas of video footage frequently have excessive noise which you don’t want to sharpen. The built-in mask lets you easily select those areas and not sharpen them. Enhance the details you want while leaving the rest of the footage alone.



Wildlife has a tendency of not standing still waiting for you to get all your ducks in a row! (assuming your ducks are the bits in your camera kit) Sharpening this kind of video is one of the areas where Samurai Sharpen excels. You have a ton of control with masks and blend options to precisely sharpen the footage. Whether you're trying to chase after whales or perched in a bird's nest, Samurai can help you make you incredible videos even more stunning.


HD to 4K

4K is here but that doesn't mean HD is going away. Combining the different resolutions into one production can be difficult. Samurai Sharpen for Video allows you to sharpen HD footage, getting it closer to the quality of 4K. Of course, 4K has four times the data as HD, so it won't be perfect, but you can sharpen the details in HD to get much closer to the quality of 4K. Making any transitions from 4K to HD not be distracting to the viewer is important and Samurai can help you do that.