Gallery for the Light Wrap Fantastic

The Light Wrap Fantastic is a brand new plugin! so, we're looking for gallery footage! Do you have some awesome composited footage that LWF really helped you out on? We'd love to see it and give you a hat tip! Email with a link to your video clip.

In the meantime, we'll show you a couple of the videos we put together. Of course, you've probably seen those elsewhere on the site, but we gotta put SOMETHING here. (hint: help us out and send us something!)

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Reading on a Train

This shot consists of three layers: The woman on a green screen, a train window with a hole cut in it, and the background layer which is footage shot out of a moving train. All put together to create a shot of a woman reading on a train. So exciting! Well, it is if you're a compositing geek! We have light wrap applied to both the window and the woman. This causes both foreground elements to get lighting adjustments based on what's in the background footage.

Backlighting Talent and Props

In this shot, we have a woman merrily providing tech support in a brightly lit office. The office is a still image. We want the woman to look like she's part of the environment, so a little light wrap fantastic is going to go a long way. We've used a mask (nifty feature of LWF) to make the light wrap more pronounced on her left side, which is the side closest to where the light source is.