Press reviews for Flicker Free

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In this YouTube except from one of his webinars, Larry Jordan goes over Flicker Free. It's a great rundown of how Flicker Free works from one of the best Final Cut Pro trainers out there. We're quite excited he chose to feature the plug-in.

Jamie tests out Flicker free on both time lapse and the camera/light sync problem (rolling bands). He's got some great examples, especially with Time Lapse, and has some great things to say about. Head over to his site and check out the videos he's got of Flicker Free in action!

Documentary Filmmaker, Dan McComb has some great tips for folks shooting drone footage. He breaks down the four plugins he thinks are essential to creating high quality video shot by drones, like the DJI Phantom, Yuneec, or other drone makers. As some of you know, the props on drones can cause flicker when the sun's at the right angle. The props cast shadows on the lens and you get flicker. Flicker Free does a good job of solving this problem as Dan tells you. posted a review of using Flicker Free to deflicker LED lights. LED lights, like computer screens, have a refresh rate which when filmed cause rolling bands. Chuck Jones breaks down why it happens and how to use Flicker Free to solve it.

Pretty good discussion of flicker and the various causes, as well as a great review of Flicker Free. This is definitely more in depth than most of the reviews. There's some good info here about what causes flicker and how to avoid in the first place. Of course, if it happens, there's Flicker Free. :-)

A nice rundown of the beta version of the plug-in over at