Flicker Free: Easy, Powerful Deflicker Software for Time Lapse

Free Trial Plugin

But don't take our word for it! Download the free trial plugin and deflicker your own footage. Our software design philosphy is that software should 1) work and 2) be easy to use. No one has time to read endless manuals or figure out esoteric parameters and graphs.

Flicker Free allows you to easily remove most types of flicker from HD, 4K, and film.

  • Automatically analyzes frames on the fly (for fast rendering) to smooth out brightness
  • Presets make it easy to select the right settings for your footage/flicker type
  • State of the art deflicker algorithms smooth brightness without blurring or quality loss
  • A simple workflow means you can get the work done fast.
  • Plugin for Final Cut Pro 7/X, After Effects, Avid, Premiere Pro and OpenFX (e.g. Resolve).

Download the free trial plugin!

The demo reel below gives you some examples of Flicker Free in action on time lapse footage. We've already seen Flicker Free used on Showtime and music videos. To understand how Flicker Free works, just watch the 10 minute tutorial for your host application! You'll be up and running quickly and can see how Flicker Free deflickers your time lapse video footage.

Digital Anarchy's Chief Executive Anarchist, Jim Tierney, has also done a video series on shooting time lapse which you can find on YouTube. It covers a variety of topics from setting the camera up and shooting RAW, to stabilizing the footage and, of course, deflickering the final time lapse sequence. Click on this link for the Creating Beautiful Time Lapse Videos series.

The reel is a mixture of slow motion and time lapse examples with the originals and the deflickered Flicker Free versions. It shows a variety of situations that cause video to flicker. You can download a few of these movies from the Examples section to use yourself. Of course, you can use the trial version to apply it to your own footage and see for yourself how easy it is to deflicker video.

Creating Beautiful Time Lapse Videos YouTube Series

Here's one of the segments in Jim's series on shooting time lapse videos. There are five segments for a total of about 45 minutes of instruction. This segment talks about why you should shoot your time lapse sequences in RAW instead of JPEG. There are some pretty compelling reasons!