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3D Invigorator Adobe Photoshop Plugin and Filter

Easy Photoshop 3D for logos, text and illustrations

Press & reviews of 3D Invigorator

Many reviews on this page talk about the 3D Invigorator plugin for Adobe Photoshop. Other reviews discuss the video version of 3D Invigorator, which has been popular since 2000. The Photoshop version uses the same core technology, and 3D Invigorator's high quality and great results are equally as good in any application.


Photoshop User magazine

By Dave Huss

"Derived from the successful 3D Invigorator for After Effects, it allows the user to quickly create 3D text or a mix of text and vector shapes, define lighting, apply materials to surfaces, and render them with broadcast-quality results... The bottom line is that this is a powerful 3D creation and manipulation tool that's relatively easy to use and priced to sell."

Layers TV, NAPP network

By Corey Barker

"One thing that I do like a lot about this particular plugin is how quick it is in Real Time... So I know exactly what is being placed and how it is being applied.... It looks like a nicely rendered object, and look how quick that was. One simple Illustrator object, brought into the Invigorator, applied a property, just made a couple of adjustments, and there we go."

DigitalArts magazine

By Neil Bennett, 4.5/5 stars. DigitalArts Best Buy

"We were impressed by the quality of this plug-ins rendering – it’s not photorealistic, but it’s more than enough for most illustration projects and it can mimic a number of different lens types... 3D Invigorator really is a 3D tool for digital artists and illustrators who’ve never looked beyond Photoshop’s layers for compositing due to 3D’s complexity and painful initial curve, as it’s powerful and accessible and is capable of producing great results." Read the full review.

Digital Media Net (DMN)

By Kevin McAuliffe
This review is about 3D Invigorator Pro, the initial release for After Effects

"I have always been fascinated by 3D animation, but I unfortunately don't have the time to sit down and learn a 3D program to really produce great looking animations. A few years back, Zaxwerks released a set of plug-ins called Invigorator (Pro and Classic) that brought the world of extrusion to the "3D" in After Effects. I love the plug-in, but I always found it cumbersome to create complex animations, as time was always an issue. Well, that's not the case anymore. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create a complex logo in no time flat using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator Classic."

Videomaker magazine

By Morgan Paar, 2005 Best Product of the Year, ProAnimator Award Review
This review is about 3D Invigorator Pro, the initial release for After Effects

"Make sophisticated 3D animations like you see on broadcast station identifications or televised sporting events with the moderately priced Invigorator ProAnimator from Zaxwerks. Both Mac and PC compatible, this program comes with object style presets or you can create your own from scratch by manipulating the material, lighting and camera movement in an intuitive interface. The software has an Easy Mode for quick start and an Advanced Mode for fine-tuning details. Output a QuickTime movie with an alpha channel for easy insertion into all major editing programs."

Press Releases

April 7, 2009 — Digital Anarchy Announces 3D Object Creation Software for Adobe Photoshop.
The Power of Film and TV Design is Now Available for Photoshop Artists and Photographers. [more]

Key Features

  • Drawing & editing features with Vector Object tools
  • Improved OpenGL renderer lets you see shadows and bump maps live
  • Quickly create a 3D masterpiece for logos, text, illustrations

3D Invigorator

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Free Update

If you purchased 3D Invigorator for Photoshop version 4 or 5 from us, you are eligible for a free upgrade to version 6. Please contact Zaxwerks directly to receive the update. (