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Frequent questions for 3D Invigorator

3D Invigorator makes logo creation easy, but sometimes you need learn what buttons to click. This page answers questions that we frequently get. We also give you great information about how to work with Illustrator files and deal with pesky error messages.

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Can 3D Invigorator save to .swf format?

  • Can 3D Invigorator save to .swf format? I want to use my 3D logos in that format.
  • 3D Invigorator is dependent on Photoshop for its output format. This is because when you render 3D Invigorator to a layer in Photoshop, it is simply pixels on the layer. You can access the Invigorator design to make changes, but once you re-render you are essentially back to Photoshop pixels. Currently, Photoshop cannot export a SWF file. Even if it could, keep in mind that your 3D Invigorator image would be pixel based, not vector based.

Save Illustrator file as .AI format, Illustrator 10 option

  • I made a starburst in Illustrator and tried to open that file in 3D Invigorator, but it didn't seem to work. There is no file by that name anywhere on my computer.
  • Most likely, this is due to the Illustrator file format. For 3D Invigorator to recognize an Illustrator file, you have to save as a .AI file format, not an .EPS or .PDF. Otherwise, 3D Invigorator will not recognize the file and will appear to not 'see' that file on your computer.


    You also need to save your Illustrator file with the 'Use Compression' option unchecked. We have a helpful video tutorial for you to watch that thoroughly explains how to work with Illustrator files.

Material and Object Style swatches disappeared

  • I purchased 3D invigorator for Photoshop but I do not see any Material Swatches or Object Style Swatches in the program. The grey interface area is empty. When I used the program as a demo, I did see those swatches. How can I reload them?
  • First, quit Photoshop. Then go to this location on your computer: User/ Documents/ Zaxwerks/3D Invigorator PS. Delete that '3D Invigorator PS' folder, which is a resource folder. Now restart Photoshop and apply 3D Invigorator to a new layer. Your swatches will reappear.

Why do lines appear across my images?

  • I have downloaded the trial version of your product. However, there seems to be lines going across my images when I use the product. Is this normal or will it go away if I buy the software?
  • The crosshatch lines that appear are the demo watermark. This allows you to evaluate the product before purchasing. When you purchase the product, you get a serial number will unlock the crosshatch watermark.

3D Invigorator doesn't install its files on Mac

  • I am having issues installing 3D Invigorator on my Mac machine. The plug-in seems to create a directory in the Photoshop Plug-ins folder but it doesn’t install any files into that directory. However, when I open the package I can see that there are files that should be installing.
  • We have heard of this problem. It usually occurs because of some weirdness with the Read/Write permissions on the Plug-ins folder. Please Get Info on the Plug-ins folder and make sure you're allowed to read/write to it. Are you an Administrator on the machine you're using? You can also try installing the plugin to a different location, like your Documents folder, and then just copy the Zaxwerks folder to the Plug-ins folder. If this doesn't work, please contact us and we will trouble-shoot further.

My serial number has timed out

  • I bought 3D Invigorator from you and my serial number has timed out. What's happening?
  • 3D Invigorator is co-developed with Zawerks Inc, our technology partner. When you purchase the product, Digital Anarchy (that's us) will give you a 30 day Authorization Code. You need to register for your permanent Authorization Code through Zaxwerks by going here to fill out their short form. Make sure to choose '3D Invigorator for Photoshop' as the product you are registering. Zaxwerks will email you the permanent code within 24 hours. We apologize for the extra step!

Will 3D Invigorator work in CS4 Standard?

  • I am running Adobe Photoshop CS4 Standard, not the CS4 Extended product. Will 3D Invigorator work in CS4 Standard?
  • Yes, 3D Invigorator works with the Standard and Extended versions of Photoshop CS4. This is because you are not using Photoshop's 3D tools, for which CS4 Extended is needed. You are instead opening up a unique 3D interface within Photoshop.

Illustrator file has 'No useable vector paths' error message

  • Why can't I load my Illustrator file?
    I selected my Illustrator file to open in 3D Invigorator, but received this error message saying there are 'no usable vector paths'. What is the problem? I know the file is valid.
  • Most likely, you need to save the Illustrator file as 'Illustrator 10' with the 'Use Compression' option turned OFF. That means the option is UNchecked.

    To do this, in Illustrator, go the File> Save As menu. In the Version menu choose 'Illustrator 10'. Also uncheck Use Compression. Then re-save your file.

Receiving the error message 'Can't complete request'

  • Sometimes when I double-click the 3D Invigorator layer in my Photoshop file, I get an error message saying there is a 'program error'. The plugin won't open from that layer, which is a Smart Layer that already has Invigorator applied to it. I'm trying to relaunch and edit the 3D object that I already made. Any ideas what this indicates?
  • This is a known issue that we are trying to find a solution for. It has to do with how Adobe Photoshop sees 3D Invigorator, not the plugin itself, so it's very difficult to fix.

    This happens sometimes after you render 3D Invigorator to a Smart Layer. If you move the Smart Layer around in the Photoshop file, perhaps with Photoshop's Move tool, you will sometimes get the error message. Other times you won't get an error. Occasionally you might be able to reposition the layer so that you can access the 3D Invigorator interface again.

    This error message does not pop up if the layer contains any pixels. So, if you applied the Smart Layer on the background layer (or any layers with pixels), apply 3D Invigorator, move the layer around, and attempt to go back into 3D Invigorator, you won't encounter this issue.

    Generally, the best workaround is to move your 3D objects inside the 3D Invigorator interface, rather than using Photoshop's Move tool to move the 3D Invigorator layer.

Upgrade for 3D Invigorator Pro, Classic, and Pro Animator

  • I own a copy of Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator (or Classic or Pro Animator) for After Effects. Is there any upgrade pricing from my current version?
  • Yes, we offer a cross-grade for $129 to folks who own 3D Invigorator for AE or other host applications. You can purchase that item from our store. Please include your current Invigorator serial number when you purchase, or contact us if you can't find that information.

Upgrade for 3D Invigorator 1.0 for Adobe Photoshop

  • I still have a copy of Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator for Photoshop 1.0 which I purchased just before they dropped development on that product a few years back. Is there any upgrade pricing from my previous version?
  • Yes, we offer a cross-grade for $129 to folks who own version 1.0 of 3D Invigorator for Photoshop. You can purchase that item from our store. Please include your current Invigorator serial number when you purchase, or contact us if you can't find that information.

Can 3D Invigorator animate in Photoshop?

  • Does 3D Invigorator work over time in the Timeline to create animations? Can I animate the 3D objects?
  • Unfortunately, 3D Invigorator does not animate in Photoshop’s Timeline. It’s a limitation of the Photoshop code and we have not yet been able to find a workaround.

Compare Swift 3D with 3D Invigorator

  • I've looked at a program called Swift 3D. What's difference between that app and 3D Invigorator? Swift is a lot cheaper.
  • They are both great products. It really depends how much time vs. money you have to invest. Swift is much closer to a full fledged 3D application, with the learning curve that goes with a 3D application. It's also only available for Photoshop CS4 Extended, while 3D Invigorator supports PS 7.0 +higher, including CS4 Standard.

    The whole point of 3D Invigorator is that it allows you to create very cool looking text and logos in a fraction of the time you'd have to spend in a 3D program. Unless you're already a competent 3D user, you'll waste a lot of your billable time pretty quickly learning Swift 3D. And if you do know 3D already... most likely, you won't want to use Photoshop's rudimentary animation tools.

    The usefulness of Invig is in its ability to let people that know a minimal amount of 3D create some very cool stuff quickly. If you're doing production or billable work, that's usually an important point. It's why 3D Invigorator has long been one of the best selling plugins ever in the video/film industry. We are bringing that same capability to Photoshop artists.

Can 3D Invigorator export and re-edit in a 3D application?

  • Can the plugin render out an editable wireframe? I would like to create a file that I can then import into a regular 3D application to edit or post-process the file.
  • No, 3D Invigorator always renders out a pixel-based image, not an editable wireframe or 3D file format. This is because the whole purpose behind 3D Invigorator is to keep you out of needing to use a 3D application. Invigorator really designed for artists who don't want to get involved in a separate 3D application, and just want to make a cool, easy 3D logo or object in Photoshop.

    However, you can edit your image after it has rendered into Photoshop. Before you leave 3D Invigorator, you can save a 3D Invigorator project. That project file can be reopened and the 3D object can be rotated, moved, textured, etc, and then rendered out again as a new image. The 3D Invigorator object is editable in terms of being able to make changes to your object, but you stay in the plugin's environment to do so.

Tips for importing Illustrator files

  • My Illustrator file doesn't look correct when it is imported into 3D Invigorator. What is the problem?
  • There are three main points to know about importing Illustrator files into 3D Invigorator. This FAQ summarizes the three topics. You can learn more by listening to our tutorial movie 'How to prepare Illustrator files' on this Tutorials page.

    Point 1: In Illustrator, you need to convert live text into outlines. Do this with the Object> Convert to Outlines command.


    Point 2: 3d Invigorator only recognizes closed vector paths. It will not recognize open paths correctly. In Illustrator, you need close all paths before importing your file into 3D Invigorator. For instance, a squiggly path must be turned into a double squiggly path that is capped at both ends.



    Point 3: Complex shapes need to be grouped in Illustrator before importing the file into 3D Invigorator. For instance, if one vector object is creating a cutout in another object, you need to group both objects so the cutout imports correctly.


Key Features

  • Drawing & editing features with Vector Object tools
  • Improved OpenGL renderer lets you see shadows and bump maps live
  • Quickly create a 3D masterpiece for logos, text, illustrations

3D Invigorator

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