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3D Invigorator Adobe Photoshop Plugin and Filter

Easy Photoshop 3D for logos, text and illustrations

3D in Photoshop never looked so real

Use the fun and powerful tools in this 3D Photoshop plugin to open up a new world of creating logos, illustrations and text design. When you apply 3D Invigorator, a custom interface opens up. You can set up your scene with different cameras, scene previews, 3D tools, object styles, material swatches and custom lights. Whew! This page gives a brief overview of the 3D Invigorator 5.0 controls.


Draw vector objects or import Illustrator files

The new Object Editor lets you create vector drawings with familiar tools like Pen, Pencil, Shape and Text. Create your own shapes or, for an easy way to start the design, import an Illustrator file. Vector drawings are now even more fun to work with in 3D Invigorator, since you can edit simple or complex Illustrator files.


Flexible 3D camera & scenes

Once your 3D object is created, you can use the Camera to view the 3D design from any angle. You can pan, rotate, scale and reposition your 3D objects. Quickly change the scene’s lighting and stylization by moving or changing the camera. Create a wide variety of fast-rendering styles including wireframe, cartoon, flat shading and ray-tracing.




Enhanced 3D text & typography

Use the built-in Text Designer to create beautiful 3D text objects. A new Font Browser previews the fonts, and you can even edit the Bezier curves of text in the Object Editor. Get complete design control over how the 3D text extrudes and what their edges look like. Invigorator 5.0 now has expanded font support for Postscript, True Type and Open Type fonts.



Add gorgeous 3D Materials in a click

An improved Material Editor offers over 100 different Material swatches for your 3D design. Get easy, gorgeous textures like gold, chrome, glass, lacquer and puffy surfaces. The new Gradientwerks allows a mind-boggling variety of colorful gradients. Apply the design to your object or logo with a simple drag-and-drop, and change multiple swatches at once with a single click.



New texture and procedural mapping

Control exactly how materials look on your objects with new Texture Mapping options in Invigorator 5.0. Use mapping options like UV, Spherical and Camera View; enable Tiling to repeat or mirror the material; and change the position, rotation or scale of the material. You can even create unique procedural textures by layering noise types directly in 3D Invigorator.



3D lights brighten your scene

With the Light Editor, you can add unlimited lights in any direction for creative flexibility. You can easily light your scene, just like in a regular 3D application, and set the mood with light colors, light intensity and interesting illumination angles. Create unique lighting like an art deco style, a light for each text character, or a single bright light across the entire object.



Fluid workspace is customizable

3D Invigorator keeps getting easier and more fluid to work with. New workspace options with tabbed panels and multiple previews let you organize the Invigorator environment however you want. All of the properties of a 3D object are saved in one location so you can quickly whip up a new design, make changes to an existing one, or save settings for later use.



Key Features

  • Drawing & editing features with Vector Object tools
  • Improved OpenGL renderer lets you see shadows and bump maps live
  • Quickly create a 3D masterpiece for logos, text, illustrations

3D Invigorator

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Free Update

If you purchased 3D Invigorator for Photoshop version 4 or 5 from us, you are eligible for a free upgrade to version 6. Please contact Zaxwerks directly to receive the update. (